Jagdi Zameer wale eh video jaroor dekho

 It may seem a bit unlikely, but on further examination it all makes perfect sense; businesses in the Greater London area are starting to catch on quick that hiring "school run mums" to do their bookkeeping is proving satisfying on many levels.

Firstly, for the SME, there are great financial savings to be made by utilizing the part-time services of mothers with bookkeeping experience who are currently at home most of the time fulfilling their roles as mothers with young school children. The main reason - they are a lot more affordable than hiring a full time accountant.

As for women who have taken timeout from their careers to start a family, bookkeeper jobs could be the ideal line of work at this time in their lives. In other words, for mums with time on their hands between school runs this is a chance to make the most of that time between 9am and 3pm by keeping the books for local small & medium businesses.

It can be difficult for many mums balancing the responsibility of child care with full time work, and also a challenge finding employers that are flexible and understand this work/life balancing act.

But being a School Run Book Keeper can make the transition from full time mum to returning to the workplace simple and flexible, so you don't have to worry about the logistics of full time work and being there when the kids finish school.

It also gives you a foot through the door back into the world of work and the professional interaction you might have missed. For some it could offer a whole new challenge and open the way to a completely new career path.

As we all know, it's a real struggle out there for small and medium businesses at the moment. Many employers are desperate to make efficiencies on their running costs. 

There is now a huge demand for bookkeeping work to be done part-time and many mums with the right skills who are efficient, reliable and enthusiastic and will be just right for these many clients.

There are masses of small and medium sized businesses in the Greater London area in need of reliable, hard-working people who have the ability to complete book keeping tasks on a semi part-time basis.

School Run Book Keeping is recruiting in London right now with local businesses in numerous locations ready and waiting for qualified or experienced part time bookkeepers in London.

Even if you are not a trained or qualified bookkeeper, you can still apply and take advantage of this fantastic opportunity because you can be put in touch with your local college or online training course to get you the training and qualifications you need to be ready to work for School Run Mums.